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How to install roller blinds

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Update time : 2015-03-11 21:17:08
Follow these simple steps to fit your roller blinds:
1.Position your brackets and mark where your screws will go
2.Drill into the holes to mount both brackets
3.Insert the idle pin end into the correct bracket
4.Push the control end into the other bracket until you hear it click
5.Install your safety device
Fitting roller blinds
There are two main ways to fit roller blinds. Choose between a top fix for inside a recess or a face fix for blinds that hangs external to the recess. Once your brackets have been mounted to the wall, it’s simply a matter of clicking your blinds into place. With this guide,

we will show you how to fit roller blinds so that they have the flawless finish they deserve, without things getting too complicated. There are a few tools you need to fit roller blinds correctly, including a tape measure, a spirit level, drill, screws, wall plugs and a pencil to

temporarily mark the hanging points on your window.
Considerations before you start fitting
Before you get to work on fitting your roller blinds, think about these elements:
Check the surface you’re fitting it to is an appropriate material
Be aware that drawstrings can be dangerous to children and pets
Check for obstructions that could hinder the opening and closing of your blinds
Before you start fitting roller blinds you should check that the surface you are fitting it 
to is appropriate to hang your window dressing from. You should also be aware that blinds’ drawstrings can be dangerous to young children and animals, especially adventurous cats.To stay safe, install a device that holds the cord on a loop so that the chain can’t 
become slack. Whether you opt for a retaining device or a safety device is up to personal preference, just make sure you fit to a fully taut chain. Not only does this help from a safety point of view but it will also make keep the chain tidy and prevent it getting into a tangle.
Also watch out for any obstructions that could block the rise and fall of the blinds once fitted, and make the necessary adjustments to allow the blinds to roll without snagging. These could be window handles or other items that could protrude into the area.
Part 1
Fitting the brackets 
1. Place your brackets where you would like your roller blind to hang, whether that’s inside or outside your recess. Be sure to be as accurate as you can to fully accommodate your new blind. 
2. Hold each bracket in place and use you pencil to mark where your screws will go - either outside the window frame for face fix or on the lintel for top fix. Be sure to mark the position of both holes in each bracket. 
3. Once you have marked the positions, align the holes in the bracket with your markings. Before you begin mounting, be sure to identify you control end bracket, so you know where your chain will hang. 
4. Take the screws provided and place them over the hole. 
5. Using your drill, begin to mount one of the brackets to the wall by drilling the screws into the wall, over the screw. Do not fully drill the screw into the wall yet, leaving the bracket slightly loose. 
6. Once your screw is holding your bracket in place, position the other screw over the second hole making sure it sits over the mark you made previously. 
7. Drill your second screw fully into the wall, before going back to the first and completely drilling that too. 
8. Once you have secured your first bracket, repeat the same process on the second.

Fitting the roller blinds
1. Take your new blind and fully wind it up. 
2. Identify the idle pin end (the end without the control mechanism and chain) and insert 
it into the hole on the side of the bracket. 
3. Take the control end and connect it with the control bracket by depressing the pin end. 
4. Pull down until you hear the control end click firmly into place. 
5. Check your new blind is working smoothly by pulling on the chain to fully extend it.

Part 3 

Safety device 
1. Find the lowest point of the hanging chain. 
2. Hook the chain into the safety device, ensuring it is securely holding the chain in a taut position. 
3. Place the screws over the holes and gently drill until they are fully in place and the device is securely attached to the wall.

Fitting roller blinds to trickier areas
If you haven’t got enough room on the window or outside the recess, you may have to fit roller blinds to the ceiling above the window. All you need to do is measure the central point of the window using your spirit level and measure for the blinds left and right of  this

point (half of the total length.) It’s up to you and your own personal taste how far away from the window you position your blind on the ceiling. However, to keep the light out you’ll want it to be as close as possible. 
If you need to fit your blinds to UPVC windows, always try to fix blinds to the plaster above the windows. But if you have no other option you can still use a masonry drill on the UPVC and fit as normal. Fitting a roller blind is actually a very simple process, and with this

simple step by step guide, you’ll have your new window dressings up in no time. So don’t be daunted by fitting them yourself, and get to work transforming your interior with a new blind that you’ll love.
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